Double Breasted Jackets for Every Body Shape.

When styling comes, there are no rules that restrict your choices of garment styles. One can always opt for their favorite styles provided they keep their body variations in their mind.
Double-breasted Jackets are so very chic and classic that one cannot miss them just because you read it somewhere that it is not for your type of body shape.
Here are my selected double-breasted styles that will flatter your figure type. Hope you will enjoy wearing this classic piece of garment with little variations mentioned below.



Double Breasted Jacket for rounded body shape – Rounded body shape is heavy at midriff area. Key of any garment on such body type is a perfect fitting, neither loose nor tight, just perfect. Loose fitting clothes makes them look bulky and body hugging clothes accentuates their wide midriff area that is not flattering. Rounded body type men can opt for lightweight double-breasted jackets with medium padding at shoulders. Look for finer details mentioned below if you are a rounded body shape.
Prefer darker shades of jackets.
Keeping the bone structure in mind, one can prefer pin stripes to make your upper torso look visually longer.
Choose your jacket buttons similar to the color of the jacket and proportionate to the body scale. Contrast and big buttons can draw attention towards your midriff area and that is not advisable.
Lapels are important part when jackets are considered. DB jackets come with peak lapels that are extra wide and hence give an illusion of wider chest. Again the key is to consider your frame and choose proportionate peak lapel.



Double-Breasted Jacket for thin and tubular body shape – This type of body structure is thin overall and aim of styling such body type is to make it look inverted triangle by choosing right styles. While selecting double-breasted jacket for tubular body shape, points mentioned below need to be considered.
Choose fabrics that are medium weight.
Choose checks and plaids over stripes.
Well-defined padded shoulders are going to make you look inverted triangle shape that is an ideal body shape for men.
Choose peak lapels that are not very big for your frame.
Play with contrast buttons that are medium in size and placed on a jacket at such a distance that one can see an illusion of letter V. This will help to make you look inverted triangle.



Double-Breasted Jacket for rectangular body shape – Rectangular body shaped men need to fill up at their shoulders and tuck in at the waist. Here are few tips to choose your double-breasted jacket

Waist fitting of your DB jacket is most important. Look for slim cuts.
Go with medium size lapels.
Your DB Jacket button spacing could be such that one can see an illusion of letter X. This will make your waist look tucked in visually creating inverted triangle shape.






Double-Breasted Jackets for short men – Shorter men can choose their double-breasted jackets considering following points
For shorter men, jacket’s length is most important. DB Jackets are conventionally little longer but a short man can opt for a length that ends just below the middle of zipper of your trousers.
Pay attention to your sleeves length. Nice fitted sleeves at the arm and little wider at the wrist can make an illusion of longer sleeves.
More number of buttons on your DB Jacket will create an illusion of longer torso.Opt for same color buttons as of your jackets color.
Match your jacket color with your trousers.




Double-Breasted Jackets for taller men – Tall men have their own advantages as well as disadvantages when styling comes. Your DB Jacket selection should be according to the tips mentioned below.
Stripes are a big no-no for you. However you can opt for some plaids like glen plaid.
Go for little longer length Jacket, which is till your trouser’s crotch line.
Taller men can play with textures like tweed and herringbone.
Keep optimum sleeves length.
Go with contrast color buttons and keep less number.

Contrast color trousers can make you look visually less tall.



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