Dress like a pro for your business portrait


Dressing for a business portrait could be perceived as a simple task because one may think of wearing suits, ties and shoes, the same way you do while getting ready for a boardroom meetings.
However it’s not so easy. If you really want to make your portrait a stunner one then you need to look into points mentioned below.

Aim of any portrait photography is to draw attention to your face and eyes by capturing your style and personality and your clothing can make or break this aim.

Your portrait is going to show only your head, neck and shoulders,you can emphasize and enhance these areas by doing the following:

  • Having a decent haircut which is according to your face shape and hair texture.Also add some texture to your hair by using suitable hair products like gel, clay, cream, moose, shine spray etc. Plan your haircut at least a week before the photo shoot.
  • Trim and groom facial hair if you wish to keep your beard and moustache. Again the key is considering your face shape when you decide on your beard and moustache style. If you are going clean shaven then make sure its a good close shave.
  • Follow a skin care routine a month prior and drink plenty of water to make your skin glow and hide dullness.
  • Visit your dentist for a teeth-cleaning session if required.
  • Colors play a big role, hence check with your photographer for background colors and bring some complimentary colors in your clothing.
    Repeating your eye, hair or skin color and overtones in your clothing is advisable to bring attention to your face.
    Neutral colors and dark colors in your clothing can draw less attention and hence help to highlight your face.
  • Patterns and textures create optical illusions.When light falls on your fabrics, its texture and pattern creates some visual effects. This has to be considered while you dress up for your photo shoot.
    Avoid small-scale patterns like ginghem checks, small houndstooth, closely spaced pin stripe as they create moire effect while shooting.
    Your silk ties can be too shiny for your shoot.
  • Choose a classic and basic styles of your garments.Classic styles are always in vogue. Dressing up is always good than dressing down for your business portrait. Don’t hesitate to wear your best of the best fabrics and cuts. It’s going to add finesse to the whole look.

Last but not least- Be yourself and relaxed while shooting.


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