Summer Dressing Tips

‪#‎Summer‬ ‪#‎Dressing‬ Tips:

Stay ‪#‎Dapper‬ this #Summer


Gents, we all know, looking sharp could be a little tricky in hot weather as we cannot add layers to uplift the look. But don’t forget there are plenty of ways to look fab without adding layers. Below are few tricks
• Do not underestimate the power of your accessories. Experiment with belts, shoes watches, shades and add some cool color to it.
• Wear semi fitted shirts in breathable fabrics like chambray, linen or light cotton etc.
• Wearing a hat could be an option to find some respite from direct sunlight plus you can make a style statement.
• Choose wearing chino’s instead of Jeans. Jeans are made of heavy fabrics and are little uncomfortable in summers.
• Wearing loafers or moccasins is an option to stay cool and chic yet little bit formal.
• Dark colors absorb more light hence opt for lighter shades. Summer is the time to show some pop in your colors.
• If Attending a formal event and wearing a third layer is necessary, then try wearing waistcoats and linen jackets.


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