Pull up your ‪#‎Socks‬


Black, white or colorful, a pair of socks is a very functional accessory in every man’s wardrobe. Main function of the sock is to absorb the sweat and keep your feet dry. Secondly it also extends the life of the shoe by reducing the damage due to sweating.
The rule says, match your socks with the trousers you wear but rules are meant to be broken in styling. Wearing colorful socks could be an option to show your creativity and liven up your simple outfit. However, this is not acceptable in a serious business or very formal events scenario.
P.S. – White socks are always for the gym and sports related activities.
Bonus Tip- If you are a beginner who always matches your socks with your trousers and would like to experiment with colorful socks, then start with low intensity single color socks or choose classic patterns like Argyle, Geometric, Dots and Plaids etc.


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