Half Tucked in Shirts

Half tucked in ‪#‎shirts‬




You all know when and where to tuck in and tuck out your shirts but have you ever thought of half tuck in???

Guys, you can show your high style quotient by this simple trick.

• The very first precaution about half tuck in is to keep it sleek and clean or else it ends up looking sloppy and untidy.
• You can half tuck in your casual shirts but you cannot do this with your dress shirts (dress shirts are meant to be tucked in and they are manufactured that way- they are a bit longer than your casual shirts).
• Remember, half tucking in is considered as casual so it is not appropriate for any formal or business events but you can always use this trick to uplift the whole look of casualness.
• Half tuck in can be done by tucking in your front side of shirt and keeping back side tucked out or you can opt for half tucking in your front side as done by David Beckham & Siddharth Malhotra in the picture.


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