Color Coordination

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The best color is the color which can bring sparkle in your eyes and make your skin look radiant.
Color is the very dominant element of design; it can make or break the look.
Colors are like spices, you need to add them very carefully. Don’t get over powered by colors.

Consider your personal coloring while choosing the colors for your outfit. Majority of Indian Men have little or no hue contrast in their personal colors. Hence we need to add more hue contrast in the clothing to make the appearance more interesting.

Bonus Tip – If you use more achromatic or monochromatic colors in your clothing and wish to add some color but don’t know from where to start then gradually try adding colors to your accessories like neckties, bowties, cufflinks, pocket squares, belts, shoes, socks, dial of your watches, sunglasses, lapel flowers etc.


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