‪#‎ClothingCare‬ ‪#‎Lint‬


Dear Men & Women, the way you care for your clothing influences how others perceive you. Even the most classy silk shirt with a ring around the collar is just a dirty shirt, it projects an image of carelessness and lack of attention to details.

This week I will be sharing some tips on how to take care of your clothes.

#Lint –Lint is an accumulation of tiny textile fibers on the surface of a garment. Tiny fiber’s have low surface area and due to which static cling happens.
Lint accumulation looks untidy and can ruin the perfect look of a garment. Removing lint is essential to look sharp & clean.
• Prevention is better than cure – some fabrics can shed lint more than the others and some fabric attracts lint more than the others. Identify such clothes and wash them separately. Terry towels and flannel are more likely to shed lint. Fabrics like velvet, twill, corduroy attracts lint more. Hence wash and dry these fabrics separately.
• Clean washing machine filters regularly and keep sufficient water levels by not overloading the machine which will help to flush the lint away during washing your clothes.
• Lint rollers are available in the market. Buy a good quality lint remover to remove lint from your garment.


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