Dressing as per Body Shape

‪#‎Dressing‬ according to your ‪#‎body‬ ‪#‎Shape‬


Knowing your body shape and variations can make your shopping easy.
Learn to cover, camouflage or counter to enhance your figure and create an illusion of ideal figure (Ideal figure for a man is Inverted Triangle).
Here are few tweaks for you to look dapper and feel dandy.

Many men choose to wear baggy clothes to hide their figure variations. Well, that’s not the solution. Wearing tailored clothes can actually make you look sharp, stylish and well built.

Big Midriff and abdomen is a dominant concern for majority of Indian men. Wear tailored shirts in darker shades. Choose light but firm fabric over thick and stiff fabric. Right hats, suspenders and neckties will help to create an illusion of longer upper torso. Well fitted jackets and waistcoats can actually hide that extra kilos on abdominal area.

If you are heavy at lower torso, wear dark colored trousers. Try matching your shoes with your trousers which creates an illusion of longer lower torso. You have an option of wearing same color belt as your trousers which will also serve the purpose of creating an illusion of longer lower torso.


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