White Shirts


Gentlemen, all of you have a bunch of white shirts in your wardrobe. I believe and I know you will agree with me that a classic, solid white shirt is wardrobe staple.
But how do you differentiate between your white shirts?
White shirts come in hundreds of styles, so you need to know when to wear which white shirt.
Read on as I decode the meaning of a formal white shirt and make your task simple.
• Keep in mind the role and goal. A white shirt under a tux is always different than a white shirt you wear at board meetings. Hence keeping your need in mind is advisable.
• Never compromise on Fitting. Best fitted garments uplift your whole look instantly.
• Depending on the intensity and degree of colours used on your white shirt, you can categorise it as formal and informal. More colours, more informal. For instance, a colored piping on the collar and placket or different fabric patch inside the sleeve cuff can help you judge if a shirt is formal or informal.
• Look for quality of fabric, buttons and neat stitching. If you are not happy with off the rack white shirts find a custom clothier.

Remember, a crisp white shirt can talk a lot about you!


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