Somebody very wise once said, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”

Style is not about going all out. Style is seen in the smallest of nuances. The attention to detail. The impeccable grooming. The way you put yourself on the map. See, that’s exactly where I come in. I am the artist and you, are the canvas. Let’s get painting, shall we?

So what is it that I do?
To the untrained eye, there might be nothing wrong with the way you present yourself every day. But think about the people you meet on a daily basis – recruiters, clients, bosses and even peers. They are quick to judge and people have a tendency to make up their minds even faster when they judge others.
But right from the time you walk out of your home and into an office building – you will have eyes on you, gauging you from head to toe, taking in your body language, your presentation skills, your attention span and most importantly, your attire. One wrong move, and you pushed into the pits of bad judgement.
That’s where I come in. As an image consultant, I am trained to evaluate, improve and upgrade your sense of style, self-presentation and etiquette.

Why do you need a Style & Image consultant?

You need a style consultant because…
Having a sense of style is not just matching the right shoes with the right suit. You need to know how to present yourself at a holistic level. This means, even though you are in line with trends, you don those things that suit you and your own personal style. An image consultant will help you understand what works best for your personality.
Know your clothing. What kind of clothes can be worn to an office party? What won’t I sweat in on a hot day? Why does fabric matter? An image consultant can answer all of these questions.
This doesn’t stop at clothes. Girls can move over. Accessories for men are here to stay. From choosing the right tie to carrying off the perfect frames for your spectacles, an image consultant will tell you how you need to accessorize right.
You need an image coach because….
There’s more to you than just the right clothes. You’re suited up. What’s next? Everything from shaking hands and saying hello to using a fork and a knife is an important aspect of how you carry yourself. An image consultant makes you the perfect gentleman.
Also this. Why depend on your mom or your wife to pick out your clothes each morning? Experiment with your sense of style every day. An image consultant will show you exactly how.